Raise the Bar

May 28, 2023
Morgan ZInk

10 Unique Event Ideas You can Book a Mobile Bar For

If you're looking to add a unique and exciting element to your next event, look no further than Traveling Taps Wisconsin. Our mobile bar can be customized to fit a wide range of themes and events, and we offer a variety of alcoholic beverages to suit any taste. We love to do all kinds of events! You dream it, we serve it! Here are 10 unique event ideas you can book a mobile bar for:

1. Outdoor Movie Night

Set up an outdoor movie night in your backyard or a local park and serve up some refreshing cocktails, beer, and wine from Traveling Taps Wisconsin. Create a movie-themed cocktail menu, like a "Cinema Spritz" or "Blockbuster Bourbon." If you are looking for a non-alcoholic, kid friendly option, consider hosting a “Rootbeer Floats & Films” themed party. 

2. Sports Viewing Party

Gather your friends for a big game or match and have Traveling Taps Wisconsin serve up beer and cocktails to keep everyone refreshed and in good spirits. Consider creating a custom cocktail menu based on your favorite sports team, like a "Packers Punch" or "Brewers Blue Margarita."

3. Art Exhibition

Hosting an art exhibition is a great opportunity to showcase local artists and provide a unique experience for attendees. Serve up wine and cocktails from Traveling Taps Wisconsin to add a sophisticated touch to the event.

4. Company Picnic

Plan a fun company picnic for your employees and their families, and hire Traveling Taps Wisconsin to serve up beer, wine, and cocktails to keep everyone refreshed. Create a fun and festive cocktail menu, like a "Corporate Cooler" or "Office Party Punch."

5. Charity Fundraiser

Raise money for a good cause and make your event stand out with a mobile bar from Traveling Taps Wisconsin. Consider creating a signature cocktail for the event, with a portion of the proceeds going towards the charity.

6. Wedding Reception

Add some personality and fun to your wedding reception with a mobile bar from Traveling Taps Wisconsin. Serve elegant wines at your “Vino before Vows” or “Speakeasy” themed wedding reception. Create a custom cocktail menu that reflects the bride and groom's personalities, like a "Blushing Bride" or "Groom's Gimlet." 

7. Holiday Party

Get into the holiday spirit with a mobile bar from Traveling Taps Wisconsin. Serve up festive cocktails, like a "Cranberry Margarita" or "Eggnog Martini," to keep your guests jolly and bright.

8. Food/Music Festival

Create a unique and fun experience for music festival-goers with a mobile bar from Traveling Taps Wisconsin. In addition, a food festival is a great opportunity to showcase local cuisine and beverages. Hire Traveling Taps Wisconsin to provide beer and wine to pair with the delicious food. “Wine pairing party” could be a good theme for a private party. 

9. Bridal/Baby Showers

Create a co-ed fun experience to celebrate your new milestone. Some unique theme ideas include: “Prosecco pamper party”, “Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower'', “Breakfast at Tiffany's”, “Beers & Barbeque” or “Kegs & Eggs” themed event. Serve up refreshing cocktails and beer to keep everyone in good spirits throughout the day.

10. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Make your bachelor or bachelorette party a night to remember with a mobile bar from Traveling Taps Wisconsin. A popular event theme for a bachelorette party is “Rose All Day”. Create a fun and playful cocktail menu, like a "Blushing Bride" or "Groom's Gimlet," and let the good times roll.

In Conclusion

No matter what kind of event you're planning, Traveling Taps Wisconsin can help make it unforgettable. With our customizable mobile bar and wide range of alcoholic beverages, we can create a unique and exciting experience for you and your guests. Contact us today to book our mobile bar for your next event!