Traveling Taps WI - Pricing Plans and Packages

If you do not see an option that fits with your event, please reach out via our inquires page. We will work with you to find an option that works.

Small Weekday
3 Taps Maximum (0-100 people)
5 Hours Maximum
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Large Weekday
6 Taps Maximum (0-300 people)
5 Hours Maximum
I'm Interested
6 Taps Maximum (0-300 people)
8 Hours Maximum
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All Packages Include:
Biodegradable straws
Disposable 5 oz cups
Sanitizing for next use
Disposable 16 oz cups
Cocktail napkins
Travel (within 30 mile radius)
Set up & take down
Ability to customize

Add-On Section

Looking to enhance your experience? Check out our add-ons for extra perks and conveniences:

Premium Riedel Glassware - Specially designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of your favorite wines.

Belgium Beer Glassware - Indulge in the full experience of your favorite beer with our authentic Belgium beer glassware.

beautiful brass taps
  • Outside Heaters -  For unexpected colder Wisconsin nights

  • Generator for Off the Path Locations -  Perfect for the party in remote locations

  • Heavy Duty Tent - 20' x 40' tent built to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep you comfortable during your special occasion.

  • Mileage Add On - If you're located outside our 30-mile radius from zip code: 54971, we offer an add-on of $1/mile to bring our services to you.

  • Additional Hours - Want to extend your experience? Additional hours can be added to any service for $100/hour.

  • Bartenders - Contact us for bartenders for an additional cost.

  • Large Lawn Games- Coming soon!

Alcohol Payment and Purchase Details

Legally, payment for booze must remain separate from our bar services. Good News: you'll be purchasing alcohol at retail cost with zero markup. Better News: what's purchased is yours to keep & in some cases return for a refund. Best News: we have no fixed menus (you choose your drinks with taste & budget in mind). We can help you figure out what type & how much. Keg pick up & handling can be arranged if desired.

Easy to pour keg handles